These photos are from her Golden Years.
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Strath: A wide, flat river valley.
Belle: A popular, attractive girl or woman, especially the most attractive one of a group.

1914 Steamship LaSalle - British Registry #134450 - Built in Canada - 85ft x 15ft x 8.5ft

October 13, 1914 - Launched. Name: LaSalle. Owner John E. Russell of Toronto, Ont.
John was a sort of boat broker, many large ships passed ownership through him.

July 25, 1919 - Transferred to Great Lakes Transportation Co. LTD. of Port Midland Ont.
It is unclear what the boat was used for. Photos show guests entertained. The company owned many very large ships (hundreds of feet) for cargo.
This ship was too small for their normal business. Possibly the owner's toy?

July 26, 1919 - Transferred to Dominion Towing & Wrecking Co. LTD. (to be operated for Great Lakes Transportation)

July 28, 1919 - Name changed from LaSalle to Strathbell (no "e" at the end).

May 5, 1927 - Transferred back to Great Lakes Transportation Co. LTD. (transferred back because she was retired and to be sold)

June 15, 1927 - Transferred to Frank & John Nicholl, Port Coldwell Ontario. Most likey rebuilt at this time, note different pilot house and bulwark.

Ship was used by the fishing port to break ice and keep the port open during harsh winters (up to 15" blue ice with full head of steam). Unsure about other uses.

Note: Port Coldwell is now a ghost town. Frank & John were killed in an automobile accident with the CPR trainline that went through town.
The boat was left derelict, sitting along the shore, and having many parts removed (scavenged) for many years.

Dec 15, 1954 - Transferred to Private Party. Hessel MI, USA.
Towed to the US. Underwent a 4 year refit/rebuild to private yacht and repowered diesel. Twin 6-71 DD with Falk combiner to original screw.

June 14, 1957 - After complete rebuild, named changed from Strathbell to Strathbelle #273935 (USCG)

Approx 1968 - Transferred to Private Party. Used in Chesapeake Bay, Florida (Ft Lauderdale), and Bahamas.

Approx 1994 - Transferred to Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Approx 1995 - Transferred to Private Party. Georgetown MD.

May 1, 2004 - Transferred to me. Gene :^)

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